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Artist, Painter, Fantasy & Science Fiction Illustrator

"I aim to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder in the audience, to make them want to see what's around each corner, and to give them the sense that they have peered into another world. For me, success in painting is when the audience's first impression is fascination, when the work taps into their inherent curiosity and inner wonder."
  Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)
  Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 2013. 


Won "Best Amazon" painting for "Fire Knight" ~ Dragon Con Art Show, Atlanta, GA , 2015
SCAD Vernissage exhibit in Lacoste, France, 2012.
26th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of  Fine Art. Juried exhibition.           Gadsden Arts Center, Quincy, FL, 2014

Fantasy Flight Games ~ Illustrations for Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings card games. 2014- 2017.
Polaris Games ~ Interior illustration for game book. 2015.
Starlit Games ~ Painting used as marketing image for Pythos Table Top Role-Playing Game. 2015.
Inked Playmats ~ Illustration for game mat
Illustration included in The Fantasy Illustration Library: Gods & Goddesses, Volume 2, by Malcolm and Michael Phifer. (Michael Publishing. 2016.)
Book cover for The Priestess, The Protector, by J. Andrew Jansen. YA fantasy novel. 2015.